1. Disclaimer

1.1) These rules may change at anytime. And any sections with ** have been Modified and need reading.

1.2) SWM reserves the right to reject or eject any member at anytime for any reason. As long as you do not cause problems to anyone running in the league or anyone in general you should not have any problems.

1.3) This league is run for fun. Not for headaches. If you are not having fun don't race. Fun is what this is all about.

1.4) Most importantly have fun and be nice. We will listen to the drivers the very best we can and make this the best league there is. We will try and make everything as clear as possible. If you know the rules you should know what to expect and what is expected of you.

1.5) We will be accepting applications from a wide variety of drivers. If you do not like racing guys you donít know or are not willing to help a struggling driver along please do not enter this league. For the over all excitement of the league there will be a different variety of driver talents. Some aggressive, some smart, and some controversial.

2. Personal Conduct  --  Flaming -- Intentional Wrecking

2.1) You will not send anyone flaming or negative e-mail's or contact administrators in anyway that is disrespectful to administrators or the league and or its rules.

2.2) You will not post flaming or disrespectful posts in the Forums.

2.3) Intentional Wrecking Penalties
1. First offense verbal warning and 6 points deduction.
2. 2nd offense 12 points deduction and 3 race probation.
3. 3rd offense 1 week off with no provisional points awarded.

2.4) The after race demo derby may start anytime after all drivers have completed their final lap.
Please allow the race winner a chance to do his Winning Burnout if he chooses to do so.

3. Division Settings

3.1) All divisions will be run in: Simulation mode, Damage realistic, also with Full Pace Lap on and double file restarts. Tire and Fuel wear will be 2X. Yellow flags will be on.

3.2) Visit the Server info Page for all race info for each series.

3.3) A weekly E-mail will be sent to Active members with the currents weeks race weekend info.

4. Qualifying & Starts


4.2) Once Qualifying has completed we will not restart the server if a driver fails to make it then he will be awarded last place points.

4.3) There may be 1 restart if 2 or more cars are taken out in the first 5 laps. Once we hit lap 10 no restarts.  All Restarts will come via a vote if the majority votes yes then a restart will be granted.

5. Cautions & Pit Road

5.1) No racing back to the line when yellow flies unless there are 10 laps or less to go.

5.2) On yellow pace laps you should stagger in line. Leader takes low line and next car behind takes high line and so forth.

6. Starts & Restarts

6.1) No jumping the Starts or the restarts.

6.2) The Green flag starts the race not the race leader!!!

6.3) No passing cars in your line until the backstretch, unless the car in front of you gives permission to do so or the car directly in front of you spins his tires and gets out of shape.

6.4) You are allowed to change lanes after the Start Finish line as long as you are not cutting off another driver as you move into their lane. Once the race is within 10 Laps to go this rule doesn't apply.

6.5) If you are found to be switching lanes illegally or cutting off another driver to advance your position you will receive a black flag.

6.6) If you are off pace or heavily damaged you must start End of Longest line to prevent wrecks on restarts.

6.7) Double file restarts -  The leader will get to choose which line he wants to restart in. The 2nd place will take opposite spot, everyone else will line up as follows odd number positions on inside even number positions on outside. We will stagger and line about to the door of the car beside you offsetting the stagger about a half car in length. Lap cars will have to line up behind lead lap cars for restarts.


7. Luck Dog & Wave Around

7.1) The Lucky Dog driver is the 1st car scored 1 lap down and not on pit road at the time of yellow.
If no car is 1 lap down then it goes to the next person 2 down, etc. You must be past the pit road exit flagger and out of pit road speed zone to be eligible.

7.2) If you are the Lucky Dog do the following.
1.) Catch up to the field under caution Stay in line and pit with lap cars 2nd time by.
2.) On exit of pit road announce the Lucky dog is coming low and all cars on track will merge to the high line.
3.) Pass all lead lap cars on the bottom line and catch back up to the field and line up behind the nearest lead lap car passing any lap cars there might be.
4.) Once the green flag drops an admin will clear the Black Flag you receive for passing the pace car under caution.

7.3) If you are the 1st car lap down or in position for Lucky Dog.
1.) If you do not hit any cars at all you will receive the LD award.
2.) If you do not hit any cars but hit the wall avoiding the wrecks you will receive the LD award.
3.) If you are the cause of the caution you will not receive LD award.
4.) If you hit any of the cars that involved in the caution then you will not receive the LD award.

7.4) If you do not follow this procedure you will forfeit the free pass and have to try again.

7.5) Wave around rule - If you are a lap car opting to take the wave around you must be in position to do so. This means if the leaders pit and you are lap(s) down and stay out putting you in front of the leaders as the pits cycle under caution you can take the wave around when the 1 to go flies BUT you will not be allowed to pit until the next caution. The game will black flag you but call out you have a flag and the admins will clear it. Also please do not take the wave around without the admins telling you to do so.

7.6) Wave around cars will have to start tail end of the line behind all cars including lap down cars. All wave around cars will line up behind any eoll cars as well.

8. Self Spins and Connection Issues

8.1) If you cause a caution you must call it out and own up to it. If it is unclear who is to blame it is up to the admins to decide who's at fault and move the driver(s) to rear of field for restart.

8.2) If you bring out a caution you must restart end of the longest line. You will be asked to pit 2nd time by with lap cars and speed on pit road. Not doing so will result in Black Flag.

8.3) If you bring out 3 cautions you will be asked to park. This includes self spins!!!

8.4) If you have lost connection and come back:
The 1st time you will receive all but 2 laps back as long as you're not more than 10 laps down, 15 laps down on short tracks 3/4 mile and shorter. (you will only receive laps back you lost due to connection loss)
The 2nd time you will not receive any laps back.
The 3rd time please stay disconnected or stay off the track.

8.5) If you are more laps down than there are laps left you must start End of Longest Line to allow lead lap cars to race it out on restarts.

8.6) No laps will be given back if you lose connection within the last 10 laps of the race.

9. Lap Cars

9.1) If you are 2 or more laps down the leaders have Right of Way. There are to many lap down cars causing wrecks. Not allowing Faster cars by will result in Black Flag.

9.2) All lap cars will line up behind lead lap cars for restarts. Any lap cars to not do so will receive a Black Flag!


10. Chatting

10.1) NO CHAT DURING QUALIFYING. Once "Qualifying complete" is shown, you may congratulate whomever you wish. ANY chat during qualifying could result in a race ejection or probation.

10.2) We require Teamspeak 3 while racing in our server so the admins can easily communicate with drivers. To race without teamspeak 3 you must first get approval from the admins.

11. Teams, Paint & Carfiles

11.1) You are allowed 10 slots total for the car file manager what you use them on is up to you.

11.2) To upload your carfile(s) you email them to your admin and he will have them uploaded for you.

11.3) Any new carfiles need to be submitted by Tuesday ... Anything after that should not be run until the following week.

11.4) All Teams are limited to four drivers per team.




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